Sport Injury FAQs

If you’ve taken up the challenge of amateur or professional sports, you should be prepared for an occasional injury. Even if you take precautions for safe play, there’s always the risk of injury. Fortunately, you can rely on ChiroCare in North Greenbush, NY, to help with sports injury treatment. These FAQs compiled by Dr. Stone explain more about sports injuries and the benefits of chiropractic care.


How do sports injuries occur?

If you skip your warmup or fail to use appropriate safety gear for your sport, you increase your risk of suffering a sports injury. Walking, stretching, or exercising before your game will warm up your muscles before you play to protect you against muscle strain. Pushing yourself too hard can also result in injury. Injuries also occur from sports collisions on the field. A collision can cause neck or back pain, subluxations, sprains and strains, and misaligned bones or joints.

Why should I see a chiropractor for a sports injury?

Dr. Denison Stone specializes in treating musculoskeletal sports injuries. These are injuries that deal with your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. A visit to Dr. Stone can determine what kind of injury you sustained and how severe it is. We will provide a prompt diagnosis to avoid delays in your treatment.

What kind of injuries can be treated with chiropractic care?

Dr. Denison Stone can treat all kinds of sports injuries, including muscle strains, neck, shoulder, and back pain, herniated discs, dislocated shoulders, running injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sprains, strains, and more. At ChiroCare, we’ll treat your pain and the source of your pain to restore your body function and mobility.

How does a chiropractor treat sports injuries?

Dr. Stone uses chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, cold laser, and specific therapeutic exercises to treat sports injury pain and promote healing.  Through chiropractic treatment, Dr. Stone can help relieve your pain and inflammation, restore body function and mobility, and promote natural healing of your injury.

How can I prevent sports injuries?

By warming up before you play, you reduce your risk of muscle-related sports injuries. You can also wear protective gear for your game to prevent injuries. It’s also important to know when to stop. Pushing yourself too hard can strain your tissues and joints, resulting in injuries.

See Our North Greenbush, NY, Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment

Prompt chiropractic treatment of a sports injury can help you recover quicker so you can get back in the game sooner. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Denison J Stone for sports injury treatment, contact ChiroCare in North Greenbush, NY, at 518-283-3220.

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