Sport Injury

Sports Injuries

For athletes to stay at the top of their game, it is essential to deal with sports injuries quickly and effectively.   At Chirocare Chiropractic, serving Rensselaer, North Greenbush, Averill Park, Wynantskill, Sand Lake, NY, Dr. Denison Stone provides our patients with workable sports injury solutions. Keep reading to learn more. 


Athletic Risks

Although participating in sports is one of the best ways to stay in shape, it does come with certain risks. These risks can affect an athlete's mobility and performance in the future. For serious athletes looking to keep their bodies in optimum health, finding sustainable treatment for injuries is a must. Dr. Denison can help with many common sports injuries such as sprains, over-trained muscles, and painful joints. When these types of injuries are ignored or not treated properly, they could produce lifelong consequences for health and performance. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic care provided by Dr. Denison J Stone will treat the entire body, not simply a set of symptoms. For those who are highly athletic, it is very important to approach treatment with a holistic mindset. This means that a treatment will never be used which will have negative or adverse effects on other parts of the body. 

Dr. Stone provides a wide variety of treatment options to help you recover from sports injuries. Let's look at some of these therapy options.

  • Spinal Alignment - Spinal alignment is often the first type of therapy you will undergo when you visit our chiropractor. Keeping the spine properly aligned is essential for ongoing health and mobility. This type of treatment can also help to prevent future injuries. 
  • Neuro-Muscular Electric Muscle Stimulation (NMES) Therapy - NMES can be used to effectively help over-worked and over-trained muscles to recover faster. This can increase performance and cut down on the instances of injuries. 
  • Hot/Cold Therapy - Hot cold therapy has been found to help muscles and joints recover faster and aid in the healing process. 

Other forms of care include nutritional counseling and sports injury rehabilitation. Nutrition is extremely important when athletes are training. A lack of proper nutrition can lead to poor performance, a great instance of injury, and slower recovery times. Sports injury rehabilitation is a safe, therapeutic approach that helps athletes achieve optimal performance utilizing targeted exercise progressions to help regain pre-injury function.

To learn more about sports injury therapy or any of our other services, contact our office today at Chirocare Chiropractic serving Rensselaer, North Greenbush, Averill Park, Wynantskill, Sand Lake, NY.  We will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule you an appointment. Call 518-283-3220 today to schedule your appointment.

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